Do you believe him?

His name is Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, an Brazilian..
And the special thing he has is….He can predicted future.
Jucelino accurately predicted just about every major disaster of the last 15 years well before they occurred [9/11, challenger explosion, Tokyo Subway gas attacks, London terror bombings, etc], and copies of “notarized” warning letters with the predictions on them were produced.

And now, he has predicted anything will happened in 2008
Here is a list of his predictions for 2008 :
Excerpt for June:

51- Scandals in hospitals, bad service and administrative problems in the Northeast, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. There are a big embezzling of funds, etc; (Brazil)

52- Earthquake in Japan in the region of Osaka of 6.3, mark with many problems.

53- A typhoon will hit Japan resulting big problems;

54- Earthquake of 7.2 will hit Jakarta in Indonesia;
55- Big floods in China resulted by a hurricane and it is already thousands of deaths and it starts to hit Bangladesh and Philippines;

56- In Caribbean, a hurricane is being already a big problem and many deaths in Mexico, Jamaica, etc.

57- In USA, three tornadoes hit the region of Texas, etc. resulting in big problems;

58- In India, the floods is victimizing dozens of people and it is already more than 1000 homeless;

59- The number of people with AIDS in Africa reach more than 40%, total unbalance and deaths everywhere.

And if you read all the predictions untill 2043, it sounds like we really close to the end of the day........