What do u feel when u read this headlines?
I feel scare and very unbelievable. That’s so inhumane and unethical. And then I wonder why it should be happened? Thinking about people trade their human organ with money, why they do that? Cos most people believe (including me) that human organ so priceless.

Just imagine this, u can make anything, but u cannot make ur own body. U cannot make a heart, a kidney, eyes, blood and the others human organ. Even if u can go to surgery to make ur nose looking good but it’s still different if u compare with a real human organ.
It’s god’s art.

So why that people want to sell their human organ? Hey, maybe they want to save someone’s life by giving their human organ. Yeah but it’s different. If u want to be a donor. It should be free. But it’s not. There’s take and give. They give their human organ and the other give the money. That’s a trade. And they really do that.

Ok, there’s a someone’s life which has to save and in the same time there’s someone who really need money? So, what’s the problem? One of the problem is if this going to be legal, there’s be a case like this.

And I regard that if there’s needed, there’s supply and there’s must be a trade.
Just correct me if I’m wrong………….